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The Guide On Spanish Wedding Traditions

The Guide On Spanish Wedding Traditions

Spanish wedding traditions have long been a staple in Western European culture. If you are looking for information on Spanish dream wedding, then this article will surely help you out.

In Every country, wedding traditions are greatly influenced by the cultural heritage of that nation. Spanish weddings too, have very colorful events filled with customs and traditions. There have been many changes with time but yet, it has managed to keep the traditions intact. A person who has witnessed Spanish weddings is bound to be entranced by the exclusive wedding customs.

Spanish Wedding Traditions

Spanish Wedding Traditions

Wedding traditions in Spain have come of interest even to the foreigners. Traditional weddings like in many countries have come to be replaced by contemporary plans. Now you see the bride walk in beautiful silk gown in the Spain churches. Earlier, the girl would wear a black dress. In many regions of Spain, there are many other kinds of dresses and gowns worn by the bride. In Andalucia region of Spain, the tradition is of wearing a gown in flamenco style. Girls from the region choose to wear during national festivals and dance carnivals as well. Authentic Spanish wedding wears is made from the black silk fabric. Undoubtedly, it is the most elegant part of the wedding traditions.

Different Traditions of Spanish Wedding:

The wedding traditions differ with each area due to the fact that different regions have their own unique traditions.

A Grand Entrance

The groom is escorted down the aisle by his mother before the bride makes her spectacular entrance. The mother sits or stands by his side during the ceremony, instead of groomsmen. The bride is then accompanied by her father, who is also next to her throughout the ritual. Their presence and role represents the strong bond that holds Spanish families together.


One Spanish tradition that has survived is the presentation of thirteen coins from the groom to the bride. The coins, usually presented in a special bag, box or tray, symbolize the groom’s commitment to his new bride and his vow to support her. The bride carries the coins which are then blessed by the minister during the ceremony. Afterwards, the coins are kept as part of the family’s heritage.

Wedding Rings

Engagement rings in Spain are scarce; the importance is placed on the wedding rings! Married couples wear their rings on the right hand instead of the left, and they are usually matching bands of solid gold.

Bridal Gown

In recent years, Spanish brides have increasingly opted to wear white silk dresses during the wedding ceremony. A truly traditional Spanish bride’s wedding gown will be quite different. Although the gown may be made of silk, the color of the dress and the accompanying lace veil will be black. The bride will also take time to embroider a shirt for the groom to wear during the ceremony.

Wedding Dance

Spanish wedding ceremony is incomplete without the traditional dance named seguidillas manchegas by couple and the guests. It is also common practice to have a live band perform at the wedding.

The Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake was traditionally cut by the bride and handed out to all the wedding guests. These days the bride and groom cut the cake together with a large knife or a sword as their first task together in their new life. They then give each other a bite of the cake as a symbol of the change in relationship from mother to child, now they feed each other.

The Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake

Wedding Dinner

The wedding dinner is pretty late in Spanish weddings where delicious Spanish dishes are served. Sea food is served as main course in Spanish weddings and it also includes local delicacies such as paella. A rich wedding cake, filled with almonds and fruits is served as dessert. Also, sangria and local wines are served till you are full.

Wedding Reception

Once the newly married couple comes out of the church, loud firecrackers are burst. It is a delight to watch wedding fireworks and highly entertaining wedding celebration. Also, flower petals and rice is traditionally used in Spanish weddings. At the wedding reception in traditional Spanish weddings, the table is set for 6 members only i.e. the groom, the bride and their parents. Unlike other wedding ceremonies, there are no wedding speeches given in Spanish weddings.

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