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Popular Riviera Beaches: French Beach Cultural Tour

Popular Riviera Beaches: French Beach Cultural Tour

Have a quick insight on most famous & rich cultural riviera beaches of french to add in your next holiday travel tour.

What about your next cultural vacation tourist place to visit? European Beach Culture is centered mainly on the Mediterranean coast in places such as the French Riviera, Greece, and Spain, although other beach hot spots include the Atlantic Coast of Portugal as well as the Bay of Biscay. In case you are searching a beach hotspot, don’t ignore french beaches are most favored around the world because of be rich cultural destinations with beautiful tourist attractions, sightseeing and natural splendor. French Riviera beaches win the prize for chic and glamour. French Riviera beaches are most visited one of them. Choose from glamorous free public French beaches to an elite club French Riviera beach. French Riviera beaches where the home of wonderful restaurants, romantic spots for drinking fine wine, as well as an inspiration to artists from across the continent.

Browse the compiled popular & rich cultural riviera beaches of french to add in your next holiday travel tour list:

Rich Cultural Riviera Beaches of French:

Culture and history tour at Monaco Beaches

Monaco beaches have always been probably the most favorite places for famous artists.They are most interesting and beautiful sites of the French Riviera beaches. By way of this tour you will get an opportunity to experience something totally new and interesting. Moreover, you will be able to discover several paintings, which were inspired by the remarkable views of Monaco. There have been many artists who admired the French Riviera and depicted its most beautiful and marvelous places on their canvas. Among these artists were Chagall and Matisse, who were inspired Nice; Renoir, who admired the landscapes of Cagnes sur Mer; Picasso, who depicted Antibes on several of his canvas; and of course Fernand Leger at Biot plus some other places in the French Riviera. To make this tour the most intriguing and exciting we will choose only the most interesting sites and museums. Visit this cultural tourist attraction spots and beaches.

La Croisette

French Riviera Beaches: French Beach Cultural Tour

Cannes – French Riviera Beache

La Croisette is easily the most desired stretch of beach on the coast next to Cannes. This is the quintessential Riviera beach, home to everyone famous film festival, and featuring lots of exciting night clubs, restaurants and bars aimed at the young as well as the beautiful, in addition to being a wonderful spot to catch some sun and do a little bit of sea bathing.

Juan les Pins

If you are on a culture tour of french, visit enjoy holidays about this beach.The beach earns a good reputation from your low population of tourists even on the hot summer day. However, the large parking area which just stands adjacent to it takes credit for making Juan Les Pins appear at the top five list. Additionally, you will get access to a variety of inexpensive restaurants not so far.


You should also add cannes beach within your french riviera beaches trip list. Best sandy beaches on the Riviera. Posh. Think Cannes film festival, etc. La Croisette Promenade is definitely the famous thoroughfare. It’s lined with boutiques, palm trees, gardens and hotels on a single side, on the opposite side the beach. Walking promenade between the busy road as well as the beach. Free public beach in front of Palais des Festivals. You must pay if you want to make use of the WC, which for some reason I discovered surprising. We swam here and lay on the beach in September. The air and water was warm and exquisite. The beach not crowded. Most France beaches are less mobbed than high summer.

Villeneuve Loubet

If sand isn’t so important for you for your beach experience, but beauty and tranquility most definitely is, then head right down to Villeneuve Loubet, where the pebbly beaches will entrall and entrance those looking for bit of true serenity and relaxation. It is most worthy beaches for culture tour.

St Tropez Beaches

If sand isn’t essential for you personally for the beach experience, but beauty and tranquility absolutely is, then head right right down to Villeneuve Loubet, in which the pebbly beaches will entrall and entrance those searching for little bit of true serenity and relaxation. It really is most worthy beaches for culture tour.


Nikki is a private beach which is crowded with celebrities. You have to note that it is very expensive even though this does not act as a hindrance for more individuals who keep flowing in. If you want a spot on Nikki, you have to book for it several days before you decide to travel.


Antibes is an ancient beach but one of the most popular on the French Riviera. It always hosts a large population of tourists which is related to its small size. However, the Antibes is unique in the own way; it has artificial breakwaters which makes it the safest for children. In case you are traveling being a family, this really is by far the most suitable of all the beaches on the south coast of France.

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