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European Tours – Art and Culture

European Tours – Art and Culture

Ready for an european region trip focusing on cultural and art, architecture, sculpture and painting attractions & facts related to museums and monuments visiting Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France and England.

Europe is in every way an entity with many faces, so there is a lot to discover if you want to travel to Europe. Europe is a continent full of art, culture and history, stretching from the deserts and beaches of Spain as emperor to the icy fjords in Norway. Europe has traditionally been considered the centre of the art world. The cities of the continent are virtually artworks themselves, full as they are of contrasting architectures, green spaces and monuments, whilst further afield, the New World is the setting for many avant-garde movements past and present. With amazing diversity on one continent, Europe offers something for everyone.Europe is the cradle of Western civilization and plays an important role in world history. Visit Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France and England and view Europe’s great icons from Big Ben to the Eiffel Tower to the Roman Coliseum, sample international cuisine, ride a gondola in Venice and stroll cobblestone streets. Whether you prefer to see the classics in Rome or modern-art installations in Basel, we’ve captured Europe’s best arts and culture destinations. You’ll find traditional arts and culture centers like Florence and Paris in the lineup, plus a few surprises, like Cambridge and Granada.

European Art & Cultural Destinations

Museum and art school, Denmark

Start with the museums and chic shops of Copenhagen, then move to Kolding, home to Denmark’s preeminent design school. Finish in Billund, where a visit to Legoland shows just how much fun design can be.

Italian Language, Music and Arts in Florence

The Accademia Europea di Firenze is an Italian language, music, arts, culinary and culture school in Florence, Italy—right between the Duomo and the Piazza della Repubblica. Our method allows students to learn and practice the Italian language through subjects which they have an interest towards, whether it’s Art, Music, Culture or culinary. We offer daily activities like walking tours of the city with the teacher, visits to nearby cities, museums, operas, cooking classes, films, exhibits, lectures about arts and music, etc. In those activities the students will be able to practice the Italian language in spontaneous and pleasurable situations.

European architecural Tour

European architecural Tour

Central Art Capitals – Berlin, Dresden and Prague

This itinerary – ideal for train travel – hits three of central Europe’s artiest capitals. You’ll see the modern treasures of Berlin, the Baroque beauty of Dresden, and the time-honored splendor of Prague.

Discover Spain in an English Conversation Holiday

Pueblo Ingles has been described as an inspiring cultural adventure, an enriching personal journey, and a unique, human experience. Each week twenty Native English speakers are sponsored to stay in a beautiful, picturesque 4-star resort in Spain so they can converse with Spanish professionals who want to improve their English. Accommodation, food and wine are provided in exchange for your conversation. It’s a unique and enjoyable experience and the best way to learn about Spain if you don’t speak the local lingo.

The Abruzzi Mountain Art Workshop in Italy

Live and work in a rustic mountain village as AMW continues its innovative fine arts program in drawing, painting, collage, mask-making, digital photography, encaustic, fresco and clay sculpture in stunning studios one hour from Rome. May-Oct. Work at 12th century sites, abandonded abbeys and in our WWF reserve. Independent studio space available.

Walking and Painting Holidays in Andalucia

Andalucian Adventures offer guided and self-guided walking, painting, yoga, cookery and photography holidays in Spain and the UK. Choose from the grandeur of Spain’s Natural Parks to the quiet beauty of England’s Cotswolds. Their knowledgeable local leaders, experienced tutors and unspoilt village hotels make for an unforgettable holiday experience.

Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries – Cultural and Culinary Seminars

Discover the secrets of Crete’s wild nature, culture and cuisine during botanic hikes in majestic mountains, visits to historic sites, organic farms and villages off the map. Journeys change with the seasons and include organic olive oil production, beekeeping, winemaking, cheesemaking and always eating well. Our all-local network of chefs, sustainable organic farmers, botanists, archaeologists work together to present an invaluable experience for our visiting friends.

Cambridge, England

With the spires of its university buildings framed by towering trees and expansive meadows, its medieval streets and passages enhanced by gardens and riverbanks, the city of Cambridge is among the loveliest in England. The city predates the Roman occupation of Britain, but there’s confusion over exactly how the university was founded. The most widely accepted story is that it was established in 1209 by a pair of scholars from Oxford, who left their university in protest over the wrongful execution of a colleague for murder.

Fine Art Holidays on the Greek Islands

Landscape painting, icon painting, raku pottery and creative intuition courses set on the stunning islands of Patmos and Paros in luxury accommodation. all materials provided, all levels welcome.

Barcelona, Catalonia

The capital of Catalonia is a banquet for the senses, with its beguiling mix of ancient and modern architecture, tempting cafés and markets, and sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches. A stroll along La Rambla and through waterfront Barceloneta, as well as a tour of Gaudí’s majestic Sagrada Família and his other unique creations, are part of a visit to Spain’s second-largest city. Modern art museums and chic shops call for attention, too. Barcelona’s vibe stays lively well into the night, when you can linger over regional wine and cuisine at buzzing tapas bars.

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