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Christmas Celebrations and Traditions in Ireland

Christmas Celebrations and Traditions in Ireland

Ireland, like most countries, includes a number of Christmas Celebrations and traditions which are all of its own.

Many of these customs get their root in the time once the Gaelic culture and religion of the nation were being supressed and it is perhaps for that reason they have survived into present times.

Every country has its own unique group of traditions when it comes to celebrating the Christmas holidays. Ireland has lots of customs that spring from the Gaelic roots and others that are more contemporary.
The Irish see the holiday more when it comes to their religious faith, instead of perceiving it from a secular viewpoint Nevertheless there is certainly some degree of commercialization, much like anywhere else, the holiday still appears to be more about spirituality and family. The Irish Christmas celebration begins on Christmas Eve and continues until Epiphany on January 6th.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas in Ireland is really a grand celebration, lasting from about Dec. 24 to Jan. 6, though many count Dec. 8 because the official start of the season. Through the celebratory season, you’ll find singing choirs and street musicians around the sidewalks and patrons filling local pubs to savor this important Irish holiday. Ireland’s large Catholic population crowds churches across the nation for midnight mass on Christmas Eve, and for Christmas Day mass. Dec. 26 marks St. Stephen’s Day, a national holiday honoring the Christian martyr, that is celebrated with traditional ceremonies, feasts and trips to pubs across Ireland.

Irish families bake cakes, puddings, and pies. Prior to the holidays people give gifts to any or all those who provided service to them all year round (including public service employees), and houses are cleaned in a symbolic purification. Roman Catholic families attend the Christmas Eve Midnight Mass, and put lighted candles in windows to indicate hospitality. Traditionally, women bake a seed cake for every member of the household as well as a pudding for Xmas day, New Years and Twelfth Night. Traditional Irish dishes include spiced beef and mince pies. Irish wish Merry Christmas both in English and Irish-Gaelic.

Christmas Celebrations and Traditions in Ireland

Christmas Celebrations and Traditions in Ireland

Christmas Traditions

Ireland includes a large number of its own Christmas traditions, which point out rich, pagan, Celtic or Gaelic, in addition to Christian history of its people. Those traditions have survived the exam of time; therefore core Irish Christian traditions and costumes continue to be practiced and cherished by most of people that are of Irish origin.

Decorating the Home

Houses are decorated with natural material for example holly, pine cones and ivy but additionally glass, wooden or plastic ornaments. Lots of people place a natural holly wreath on their own front doors. Most people may have at least a small crib in the home, with the baby Jesus only put into the manger on Christmas morning.

Christmas Dinner

The traditional menu for an Irish Christmas dinner includes goose or stuffed turkey, boiled potatoes, ham, brussel sprouts, carrot and cauliflower and accompanied by a Christmas pudding or perhaps a Christmas cake.

Christmas Eve

Individuals Ireland light candles and perch them on windows, during the Eve of Christmas, to indicate the Joseph and Mary’s look for shelter. Candles are usually red in colour and adorned with twigs of holly. Most homes are ornamented with tinsel, lights and baubles.

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is set-up prior to the first day on the Advent Calendar. It is normally decorated with an angel/star on top of the tree. Many families place Christmas ornaments for example stockings, candy canes, elves and snowflakes on their own fireplace to enhance the festive mood.

The Christmas Swim

There are several intrepid people who get out on view air and away from all of the excess on Christmas morning, although it can be fairly miserable available at that time of year.

One traditional tradition in Sandy cove, a suburb of South Dublin may be the Christmas Day Swim – within the sea. Yes, in Ireland, in December, they swim within the freezing Irish sea – and without a doubt it is MUCH colder even it looks in the picture! Crazy, however they say it’s fun.

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