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8 Famous Tourist Attractions in Athens, Greece

8 Famous Tourist Attractions in Athens, Greece

Athens is one of the oldest and most famous cities in the world. Many interesting tourist attractions can be found in Athens.

Athens is considered to be the historical capital of Europe with its long and fascinating history topped with its rich and significant culture. Over the years, Athens has been conquered by different nations, each one of these erected unique and splendid monuments. Some of these monument still stands today and has become a part of Athens’ historical landmarks. A day or two spent exploring the city’s many wonders will surely leave you enchanted and intrigued with the civilization of the ancient world.

If you’re planning on visiting Athens for a day or two, here are Famous Tourist Attractions in Athens, Greece that you may include on your list of places to visit.

Tourist Attractions in Athens:

Tourist Attractions in Athens

Tourist Attractions in Athens

The Acropolis

Acropolis is the most popular ancient place of Athens since 5th century BC when it was built. The Acropolis of Athens and its monuments are universal symbols of the classical spirit and civilization. Our world famous Acropolis tour and city tour is a combination of a city tour through the Syntagma area and Plaka, the old town of Athens, and a detailed visit to the Acropolis of Athens. Athens walking tours guides will give you a detailed explanation of the glorious monuments of the Acropolis such as, the Parthenon, Erectheion, Propylaia, Nike Temple and the surrounding monuments as well (Dionysus sanctuary, Philopappos Hill, Mars Hill, Observatory, Pnyx Hill, Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Ancient Agora).


The Parthenon is the majestic ruins of an ancient Greek building and considered to be an icon of the Western civilization and the most famous building in the world. Built in honor of the patroness of the city of Athens, goddess Athena Parthenos, the temple was built in the 5th century and is situated on top of the sacred Acropolis Hill which overlooks the city of Athens.

Benaki Museum

A remarkable museum of the arts and culture of Greece from the Neolithic Age to the early 20th century. Its exhibits focuses on the overview of of the history of Greek art and crafts from the prehistoric times to the modern age.

Mount Lycabettus

Standing majestically over the city is Mount Lycabettus, a giant hill made of Cretaceous limestone. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Athens and can be accessed by a railway called the “Lycabettus Funicular” which climbs the hill from the Kolonaki area at the base. Visitors can also hike to the top of the hill where there are the Chapel of St. George, a grand theatre, and a charming restaurant to provide amusement to them. The visitors can get a fascinating panoramic view of the entire city from the hilltop.

National Archaeological Museum of Athens

National Archaeological Museum of Athens is one of the best museums in the world. Has a collection of the the most complete ancient Greek heritage. Collection of statues and sculptures truly amazing, all the figures of myth and gods and goddesses various versions can be seen there, as well as the heroes of Greece. Most museums must be visited by lovers of ancient Greek culture and mythology.

this museum is located in the Exarhia area in central Athens between Epirus Street, Bouboulinas Street and Tositsas Street while its entrance is on the Patission Street adjacent to the historical building of the Athens Polytechnic.

The Ancient Agora

Ancient Agora is located not far from the Acropolis and within walking distance. There location of administrative center of ancient Athens. The site of the Ancient Agora in a very green space and a very beautiful view of the Acropolis. You will see the Temple of Hephaestus, the best preserved ancient Greek temple.

The Ancient Agora

The Ancient Agora

Syntagma Square

Syntagma Square is one of the most important places in the entire Greece and it appeals greatly to all sorts of tourists. It is a square located right at the center of Athens and just in front of the Greek Parliament house. It has great political and cultural significance as many of the most important events are held at the square. Here, the changing of the guard is a top notch attraction. Many fascinating statues, sculptures and fountain make it a perfect spot for tourist to enjoy a little peaceful time. It is one of the most intriguing tourist attractions in Athens.


Plaka attracts all the visitors of Athens with its neoclassical mansions and houses with roofs from red tiles, its small winding roads with their steps, balconies with bougainvilleas ,geraniums and jasmines. Plaka is called many times in the Greek literature as the neighbourhood of the Gods.

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