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7 Most Famous Christmas Holiday Destinations in Europe

7 Most Famous Christmas Holiday Destinations in Europe

Europe is a veritable Winter Wonderland through the cold months, with gorgeous blankets of snow covering the cities and quaint countryside. For this reason, and many more, it's also a wonderful place to spend Christmas.

Christmas is the most awaited holiday season in the world. It will be celebrated by the millions of Christians as well as non-Christians around the world. The most of people want to make this festival more colorful by spending their vacation at the most popular Christmas destination in Europe. Here’s list of most popular Christmas holiday destinations in Europe.

Best Places to Spend Christmas in Europe:

Christmas Holiday Destinations in Europe

Christmas Holiday Destinations in Europe

Paris, France

The French capital dazzles at Christmas. Enjoy a moving midnight mass with organ and choral music in Notre Dame Cathedral. Stroll down the Champs-Élysées, lined with trees glittering in thousands of lights. Munch on roasted chestnuts and chocolaty crepes, and maybe even slip on some ice skates and glide along the seasonal rink atop the Eiffel Tower. For some Parisian chic, head to the Galeries Lafayette, a department store whose majestic interior is home to a huge decorated tree.

Prague, the Czech Republic

Time stands still in Prague during winter holidays. Tourists all over the world choose to have a magic Christmas enjoying all the wonders of this beautiful city. A winter wonderland is unleashed within the street of Prague starting December. If you want to enjoy a memorable Christmas with your partner, try a romantic boat tour. You won`t be disappointed!

London, UK

London is one of the biggest hotspots during the holiday season in Europe. Everywhere you’ll look there’ll be Christmas lights and decorations. It looks beautiful!

Leipzig, Germany

Considering that Germany is one of the most well known countries, especially when we talk about Christmas markets, it would be a pity not to be on your travel list. An option for spending Christmas in Germany could be Leipzig. Why Leipzig? Because beside the fact that it`s a city with an important cultural load, it has a stunning architecture and it is also great for kids. Nearly 250 stalls will offer you the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones and the tastiest traditional Christmas food will pick your nose (Pulsnitz gingerbread, reindeer sausage, fresh salmon, oven-fresh pretzels). Children will be fascinated by fairytale forest while you can indulge yourself with a mulled wine or a coffee in Europe’s oldest coffee house, Coffe Baum.

Copenhagen, Denmark

A cup of rich Danish hot chocolate and so many treats to choose from! Copenhagen could be a great choice for you and your family. Let your kids wonder trough Tivoli’s ‘Land of Elves’ while you enjoy an Aebleskiver( traditional Danish pancakes balls filled with applesauce that are served usually during Advent).

Christmas holiday in Amsterdam

Christmas holiday in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The best part about spending Christmas holiday in Amsterdam is that museums and other tourist attractions are open and ready to share Dutch culture and history with you. Here are some ideas on what you can do if you plan your Christmas in Amsterdam. The list includes witnessing the Amsterdam Light Festival, Classical music performances and ice skating throughout the city.

Vienna, Austria

The Austrian capital, Vienna, is probably one of the most beautiful cities during winter and Christmas holidays. Winter fairs around the city and a light decoration reminds on your favorite holiday movie. This events are visited with a lot of people, so if you want to avoid crowd, do check the same atmosphere in smaller cities.

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