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5 Ways to Travel & See the Culture of Italy

5 Ways to Travel & See the Culture of Italy

Are you looking forward to experiencing some Italian culture in your holiday to Italy?

If you are on a humble budget but still wish to see the superb country of Italy then you’ve a few inexpensive Italian Holiday choices to select from. As with any country it’s very difficult to talk about the culture of Italy in definite terms, both due to the variety of people in Italy and also the large subject that culture covers. However, some cursory observations and generalisations might be made regarding Italy and Italian individuals with the aim of helping others to obtain a better idea of life in Italy. Some observations about Italian culture and lifestyle are detailed below.

Even though it only became a country in 1861, Italy brims because of so many layers of history and culture that it’s difficult to know where to begin a visit there. In most cities, Roman or Etruscan ruins hide under medieval churches whose facades were updated with neoclassical styles throughout the dawn of the Italian Republic. Much traffic opt to allocate some days of the trip to pre-planned tours and museum visits while leaving other days to understand more about hillside towns at their leisure.

Which kind of Italian culture you are most thinking about seeing ?

If you are an ancient history buff, concentrate your vacation on the Roman ruins in Rome and Pompei and also the Etruscan ruins throughout Tuscany. If you’re more interested in food and wine, select a region and go town to town eating the neighborhood specialties and visiting vineyards and essential olive oil presses. Choose a region or greatest hit listing of major cities depending on your individual cultural interests.

Plan to visit right into a day-by-day itinerary

Book flights between distant cities and Eurostar high-speed trains between conveniently located major cities. Purchase tickets for regional trains to smaller cities in the train station on the day you plan to visit. Book visits to large museums, like the Uffizi in Florence, in advance by telephone or online to avoid long waits in line.

Employ a local guide to learn the anecdotes

Background and hidden sites of the major cities, for example Florence, Rome and Venice, and significant smaller cities, for example Perugia, Vincenza and Sienna. Make sure that your guide includes a current license; Italian guides are tested and licensed by local governments.

Ways to Travel & See the Culture of Italy

Travel to Italy

Contact the town tourist office before your arrive for listings and suggestions for a local guide. Call and arrange to start dating ? and time for your tour, because popular guides in many cases are booked up in advance, even in the off-season.

Explore small villages and cities

You are able to rent a car for the most flexibility in visiting rural locations, but the national Trenitalia network reaches a lot of small towns. Choose a city to go to because there is an interesting architectural or artistic landmark within the town or look through the train schedule and select a city at random.

Find the main piazza within the town and spend some time watching people. Visit the cathedral or main church within the city and look at the statues and frescos. Ask a nearby to recommend a restaurant.

Eat as an Italian

Avoid restaurants near attractions or in large piazzas. Search for eateries on small, narrow side streets. Even just in the midst of downtown Florence’s historic center, I Due Fratellini, a popular lunch stop for locals, is situated just off the architectural marvel Orsanmichele.

Stop a homeowner on the street and ask him where’s his favorite place for lunch, frozen treats or pizza. Italians have quite strong opinions about food plus they love to share them; you can definitely find yourself personally escorted to a trattoria, brought to the owner and treated being an honored guest.

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